The industrial DYNATORQUE 90 worm-gear operators are designed for use with valves and dampers as well as most other quarter-turn applications requiring a self-locking mechanism. Cameron’s flexible manufacturing process allows them to offer both standard construction and custom configurations for customer-specific applications.

Standard operators are available with various mounting interface dimensions. Custom-machined gears come with bores and bolt holes for direct mounting to the valve.

Standard gearbox housings are made from cast grey iron with ductile iron as an optional material. The product line offers a varied selection of alternate component materials to meet your application requirements.


  • 16 different frame and spur combinations provide output torque from 4500 to 300,000 lb-in (500 to 33,900 N·m)
  • Standard cast gray or ductile iron housing
  • Chainwheel operation available on select frame sizes
  • Optional models with 180-and 360-degree multi-turn capabilities
  • Marine, submerged, and high- and low-temperature applications
  • Available built to AWWA Spec C-504 material and design criteria
  • Stainless steel and severe service options available